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The majority of manufacturers produce weapons components in an order of priority, safety, efficiency, esthetic's, accuracy. The first two items are driven by simple business policy, leaving the last two items as a consumer driven factor. Unfortunately consumers in general will not pay for improvements which are not readily visible. A very high percentage of accuracy improvements remain hidden within the action or stock.                            
                                    Click Here to view a PDF of some common action problems.


  • Blueprinting of Actions
  • Ramp & Rail polishing
  • Threads cut .010" oversize
  • Custom Barreled Actions
  • Change barrel modification. 
  • Semi-Custom Barreled Actions
  • Receiver Abutments cut 
  • Bolt re-facing
  • Locking Lugs and Receiver faces cut.
  • Custom Bolt Fluting (spiral or diamond)


  • Tactical & Benchrest modifications
  • Sako extractors Installed
  • Custom ground recoil lugs
  • Installation of pinned recoil lugs.
  • Bolt face conversions
    • (standard - magnum)
    • (magnum - standard)
  • Ceramic Coating Process
  • Wyatt extended magazines installed.
  • Trigger Installation & Adjustment (Benchrest, Varmint, Field/Sporter)

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Triggers are the key interface between the shooter and the firearm. Inconsistent triggers are a major contributor to poor accuracy. Off the shelf, or manufacturer supplied triggers that have been improperly adjusted or modified are not only an extreme safety hazard but usually yield no considerable gain to the overall rifle performance.

Consult with a CPG Specialist for correct trigger selection.