Cloud Peak Gunworks 

Extreme Accuracy /  Extreme Ranges
CPG Portfolio

  Cloud Peak Gunworks offers unlimited options for customizing your Long Range Shooting System.
          One thing that our customers have asked for is some examples of different combinations.
                 We have included a few of the most popular combinations in the pictures below. 
             These images have been compressed for slower connections and may appear blurry.

 Click on any image for an uncompressed full detail view.

Color       Graphite Black Ceramic                    Caliber       375 CheyTac                         Area   NW Wyoming

Action     Stiller 408 1.450”                              Stock          Whidden / CheyTac                                             

Trigger    Jewell w bottom safety                Barrel         Rock  Creek 30”              

Optics     Night Force  NSX 5.5-22x56        Other           B.O.R.S., 40 M.O.A. Rail, Custom Brake

Color       Desert Sage Cerakote                   Caliber       6.5 SAUM                          Area   Central Colorado

Action     Defiance Rebel XM                       Stock          McMillan A3 Sporter                                           

Trigger    Jewell                                         Barrel         Brux 26” Interrupted Fluting                   

Optics      Leupold M IV 4.5-14X40         Other        CPG Custom SD Brake, Defiance Bottom Metal

Color        Tan-Blk w Titanium                     Caliber       6.5 SAUM                                Area   NW Wyoming

Action      Stiller Predator                             Stock          McMillan Game Scout                                         

Trigger    Timney                                       Barrel         Brux 26” Spiral Fluting                

Optics      Leupold VX3 4.5-14X40         Other        Wyatt’s Extended Magazine, Full Bedding   8# 5oz

Color       Custom Gray Cerakote                Caliber       6.5x284 CPG                                  Area   Michigan

Action      Pierce L/A Repeater                    Stock          McMillan A3 Sporter                               

Trigger    Timney                                      Barrel         Brux 26” Interrupted Fluting                   

Optics      Leupold VX3 4.5-14X40          Other          Carbon Fiber Hydro-Dip

Color        Ruby & Raw                                Caliber      22 x47 CPG                              Area   Northern WY

Action      Stolle Panda                                 Stock          McMillan HV BR                                    

Trigger    Jewel                                          Barrel         Kreiger 26”  LVC                    

Optics      Weaver T-36                             Other         Mirror Polish Metal, Kelby Mounts, Stock Sliders

Color       Graphite Black Cerakote             Caliber       7MM Rem Mag                             Area   Colorado

Action      Pierce L/A Repeater                    Stock          McMillan A3 Sporter                                           

Trigger    Timney                                      Barrel         Brux 26” #4 Interrupted Fluting              

Optics      Leupold VX3 4.5-14X40          Other          Oval Pattern Hydro-Dip

                        Glock Cerakote Samples                

 G35  Tactical Grey / Black                 G22  Coyote Tan / Black

G23  Burnt Bronze / Titanium            G23  OD Green / Black

     G22 Copper / Patriot Brown               G27  Light Copper / Black

     Green Marble & Stainless                   Caliber        6.5x47 CPG                            Area  North East PA

Action    Pierce competition multi-flat              Stock           McMillan MBR                                              

Trigger  Jewell w/ Bottom Safety                    Barrel           Brux (heavy varmint) Fluted 28"

Optics    Leupold for test purposes only

Other    Machined in pillars and full length bedding, Pierce custom rings

Color    Mold-In & Charcoal                        Caliber     6.5x06 CPG                                Area   Central CO

Action  Pierce Lefty                                    Stock         McMillan A3 Sporter

Trigger Timney                                           Barrel        Broughton 5C   Fluted 27”   

Optics   Leupold VX3 4.5-14X50                 Other        

Color    Grey w Blk Web & Charcoal         Caliber       22x47 CPG                                                Area   TN

Action   Blue Printed Remington               Stock         H.S. Precision                                    

Trigger Timney @ 2.75 lbs                        Barrel        Brux CPG contour   26"

Optics    Leupold VX3 6.5-20x 50             Other          Talley 1pc Light weight rings


 Color    Grey & Black                                Caliber       6.5x47 CPG                                  Area   Central CO

Action   Pierce Lefty                                    Stock         McMillan A3 Sporter                                           

Trigger Timney                                        Barrel        Brux Interupted Fluting      27”   

Optics    Leupold VX3 4.5-14X50            Other   

Color       Tan Blk Web & Black                  Caliber       6.5 x 47CPG                                Area   NE Wyoming

Action     Trued XP-100                               Stock          H.S. Precision                                       

Trigger   Tuned Remington                        Barrel        Broughton   18”

        Black & Stainless                      Caliber       7MM-08   30deg CPG                 Area   Northern WY

Action      Pierce Titanium                          Stock          McMillan Hunters Edge                                      

Trigger    Shilen                                        Barrel        Brux 22” Interrupted Fluting                   

Optics      Leupold VX3 4.5-14X40          Other        Wt. 6 lbs 9oz (as pictured)

Color       Grey / Blk Web & Black               Caliber        7MM SAUM CPG                                 Area   UT

Action     Pierce                                             Stock           Bell & Carlson w CPG Custom Paint                          

Trigger   Timney     2.75#                           Barrel                     Brux 26”

Optics      Huskamaw  5-20x50  BD          Other           HS Detachable Mag,  CPG Muzzle Brk

Color       Tan Blk Web & Charcoal               Caliber       6.5x284 CPG                              Area   Washington

Action      Trued Remington                           Stock         Bell & Carlson Medalist                                              

Trigger    Timney                                          Barrel        Broughton  26”

Optics      Leupold VX3 4.5-14X40              Other         CPG Custom Painted Stock

Color      Brn /Blk Web & Charcoal                Caliber     6.5x284 CPG                                           Area   MT

Action    Trued Remington                             Stock         Bell & Carlson                                      

Trigger   Timney                                           Barrel        Broughton   26”           

Optics     Sightron 4.4x14-42 Big SkyII          Other        CPG Custom Painted Stock

      Badlands Camo                            Caliber   6.5 x47 CPG                                  Area   NW Wyoming
Action    Pierce                                           Stock       Accuracy International                                           
Trigger  Tuned X Mark                              Barrel     Brux   Varmint Contour        
Optics    Huskamaw  5-20x50 BD           Other      Cone Bolt & Stock Mod’s       Wt 15lbs 2oz

     Gray /Blk Web & CPG Gray        Caliber   300 R.U.M.                                     Area   South Dakota
Action    Blue Printed Remington           Stock       Greybull Precision                                 
Trigger  Remington                                   Barrel      Broughton 5C  
Optics    Huskamaw  5-20x50                Other      

Color  Forest Camo                               M1A1                                                           Area   NE Pennsylvania
Stock  Composite        

Ruger Blackhawk in 41Magnum, Factor bluing replaced with Grey & Titanium ceramic coatings. Trigger and action reworked & sights enhanced.                 


     Grey & Titanium                         Caliber    7MM Rem Mag                                         Area   Nevada
Action    Titanium Rem Trued                 Stock        McMillan Hunters Edge                                                 Trigger  Timney                                     Barrel      Broughton 5C   Fluted 21”   
Optics    Huskamaw  3-12 x42BD        Other        Sako Extractor       Wt 7lbs 1oz

      Graphite Black                              Caliber  7MM Rem Mag                                       Area   Nevada
Action    Titanium Rem Trued                     Stock      McMillan Hunters Edge                                              Trigger  Timney                                        Barrel     Broughton 5C   Fluted 26”   
Optics    Huskamaw  5-20x50BD            Other      Sako Extractor       Wt 7lbs 3oz

Color       Forest Camo                           Caliber    5.56 x45                                        Area   NE Pennsylvania
Action     Stag Arms                               Stock        6 pos                                            
Trigger   Mil Spec                               Barrel     16” Carbine          
Optics     Leupold Mark AR                  Other       Gas Piston

     Green/Blk web & Charcoal           Caliber     6.5x284 CPG                            Area   NW Wyoming  Action   Pierce                                            Stock        H-S Precision                                  
Trigger Shilen                                          Barrel       Broughton 5C           
Optics   Leupold 4.5x14x40 VX-3             Other

Color  Brn/ Blk Web with Graphite Black      Caliber 6.5x47CPG             Area   Northern WY

Action  Pierce                                             Stock    H-S  Thumbhole TactDetachable 10 Rnd Mag                    

Trigger Jewel                                            Barrel   Broughton 5C            8 Flute                7.7 Contour          

Optics Leupold VX3  6.5x20-50 LR                                                Other  Adjustable  L.O.P & Cheek

Color      Hydro-Dip & Graphite Black         Caliber   6mm x284 CPG                      Area   North Central WY

Action    Pierce                                            Stock       McMillan A3 Sporter 

Trigger  Shilen                                            Barrel     Broughton 5C       8 Flute  #3 Contour

Optics    Leupold VX-3 6.5x20-50         

Color  Green Marble & Charcoal     Caliber 6.5x284 CPG   Area   North Central WY

Action Pierce                              Stock   McMillan A3 Sporter                                     

Trigger Shilen                                         Barrel      Broughton 5C            8 Flute                   3G Contour          

Optics Leupold VX-3 6.5x20-50 SF              Other  Alumina Caps           w/ ACD

Color     Charcoal                             Caliber 6.5x284 CPG                     Area   Alabama

Action    Pierce                              Stock    McMillan A3 Sporter       W/ Edge Tech                                  

Trigger  Shilen                                       Barrel      Wilson #4    Fluted 

Optics   Huskamaw  5-20x50                

Color  Triple Brown & Charcoal           Caliber     22x47 CPG                    Area   Alabama

Action Pierce S/A Repeater                  Stock        McMillan A3 Sporter                                     

Trigger Shilen                                      Barrel      Broughton 5C            20”    3G Contour      

Optics Swarovski Z6I  3x18-50            Other        Ultimate Predator Rig

Color     Gray Marble & CPG Gray             Caliber 6.5x47 CPG                   Area   Eastern WY

Action    Remington                                     Stock        McMillan A3 Sporter                                     

Trigger Timney                                           Barrel      Brux   #4   Interrupted  Fluting

Optics    Leupold VX-3 6.5x20x40       

Color     Green Tiger & Charcoal           Caliber 6.5x47 CPG                   Area   Texas

Action   Pierce                                      Stock        H-S Precision Sendero                                               

Trigger  Remington                              Barrel      Krieger 4groove 1in8 @ 26.75”        

Optics    Leupold VX-3 4.5x14x50 LR   


Color  Granite & Graphite Black                          Caliber  7MM Rem Mag                            Area   Colorado

Action      Accurized 700 Rem                             Stock     H-S Precision

Trigger   Timney                                                 Barrel   Broughton 5C        #3 Contour

Optics      Leupold VXIII 4.5-14x40                   Other     Versa-Pod

Color       Urban Camo & Graphite Black         Caliber  6.5x284 CPG                               Area   Colorado

Action     Stiller                                                Stock      H-S Precision

Trigger   Shilen                                             Barrel     Broughton 5C           #3 Contour

Color      Green Leaf & Carbide                  Caliber    6.5x284CPG                          Area   North Central WY

Action     Remington                                   Stock        H-S Precision Sendero                                               

Trigger   Shilen                                          Barrel      Broughton 5C            8 Flute     3G Contour          


Color      Tan w/ Blk Speckle & Titanium        Caliber   7MM Rem Mag           Area Sierra Nevada’s & Africa

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                          Stock       H-S Precision  ADL

Trigger  Shilen                                               Barrel     Broughton 5C             #3 Contour

Optics    Huskamaw      5-20x50                    Other       3 Pos Shroud Safety

Color       Blue Granite & Tactical Grey             Caliber   .243 ACK Imp                                Area   Unknown

Action     Stiller                                                 Stock      H-S Precision Tactical

Trigger   Jewell                                              Barrel    Broughton 5C            Heavy Varmint

Other      Vertical Grip, Adjustable Length of Pull & Cheek piece.

Color       Full Camouflage                                  Caliber    .308 Win                                Area   Black Hills SD

Action     Accurized 700 Rem                            Stock        H-S Precision Sendero

Trigger   Rem X Mark                                      Barrel              Chambered, Crowned, Lapped Remington

Optics     Huskamaw      5-20x50                      Other  Rapid Pivot Attachment

Color     Custom Olive Camo                           Caliber    6.5x284                               Area   Northern Alberta

Action   Stiller                                                  Stock        H-S Precision   BDL

Trigger Timney                                               Barrel      Broughton 5C   6 Flute         3G

Optics   Leupold VX-3       4.5-14x40


Color  Graphite Blk & Tactical Grey            Caliber 6.5x55 Lapua                 Area   PA

Action Blueprinted Remington                    Stock         McMillan Hunters Edge                                            

Trigger Shilen                                         Barrel      Brux               4 Groove        

Optics Leupold 4.5x14-40AO                Other  Pacific Tool &Gauge  Bolt

Color        Tan/Brn/Grn & Graphite Black            Caliber    6x284 CPG                                Area   Utah

Action      Accurized Savage Precision Target      Stock        McMillan            Hunter

Trigger    Accu- Trigger                                     Barrel      Broughton 5C           3G

Optics      Leupold VX-3          4.5-14x50         Other         Pillar Bedding

Color       Black & Tactical Grey                   Caliber 6.5x284 CPG                         Area   North Western WY

Action     Accurized Savage 111                    Stock Accu-Stock     

Trigger   Accu- Trigger                                 Barrel            Broughton 5C            #3 Contour

Optics     Leupold VXIII         4.5-14x40       Other  Full Length Aluminum Chassis

Color       Brn w/ Blk Web & Titanium              Caliber 7MM Rem Mag                Area   Nevada

Action     Accurized 700 Rem                          Stock  H-S Precision

Trigger   Timney                                             Barrel Broughton 5C                    #3 Contour

Optics     Huskamaw             5-20x50          

Color       Cobalt Blue& Stainless                        Caliber   6PPC                                 Area   WY, ID

Action      Kelby                                                 Stock       McMillan Edge

Trigger    Jewel                                                 Barrel     Broughton 5C                    HBR

Optics      Weaver T6                                        Other      Change Barrel-      30x47    6x284    6.5.x284

Color        Natural & Graphite Black                 Caliber   6x 284 Lapua                    Area   Northeast PA

Action     Accurized 700 Rem                           Stock       Boyds

Trigger   Remington                                         Barrel     Broughton 5C               #3 Contour

Optics     Leupold VXIII         4.5-14x40         Other       Pillar & Glass Bedding

Color      Tan w/ Blk Web & Armor Black        Caliber     7MM Rem Mag                    Area Northeast WY

Action     Accurized 700 Rem                           Stock         H-S Precision

Trigger   Shilen                                                Barrel       Broughton 5C               #3 Contour

Optics     Huskamaw      5-20x50                     Other        CPG Slimline Muzzle Brake

Color       Desert Camo & Graphite Black            Caliber    .22-243                             Area   Nebraska

Action     Stiller TAC30                                      Stock         McMillan A3

Trigger   Timney                                                Barrel       Broughton 5C   6 Flute 5.75 Contour

Optics     Huskamaw     5-20x50                       Other         Pillar & Glass Bedding

Color      Black & Armor Black                          Caliber   .308 Win                            Area   Southern WY

Action     Accurized 700 Rem                             Stock      McMillan A5

Trigger  Timney                                                 Barrel    Broughton 5C           #12 Standard Palma

Optics     Leupold MK IV     3.5-10x40 ILL      Other      Pillar & Glass Bedding

Color     Tan w/ Blk Web & Titanium               Caliber   6-284 CPG                                Area   Virginia

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                           Stock       H-S Precision

Trigger  Shilen                                              Barrel     Broughton 5C             #3 Contour

Optics    Huskamaw      5-20x50                    Other       Diamond Fluted Bolt

Color  Full Urban Camo                                Caliber   6.5x284 CPG                             Area   Central WY

Action Stiller                                               Stock       H-S Precision

Trigger                                                         Barrel     Broughton 5C            #3 Contour

Color  Charcoal                                   Caliber  243 Ackley                   Area   Northeast WY

Action Blue Printed Remington        Stock   H-S Precision Tactical-Blk & Olive Web                                   

Trigger Timney                                      Barrel      Broughton    5.75 Fluted   

Optics Leupold  6.5x20-50 LR VR     Other Adjustable  L.O.P & Cheek piece

Color      Tan w/ Blk Web & Titanium            Caliber     7MM Rem Mag                        Area   Nevada

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                         Stock         H-S Precision            BDL

Trigger  Timney                                          Barrel       Broughton 5C            #3 Contour

Optics    Huskamaw        5-20x50

Color      Walnut & Custom Charcoal                Caliber   6.5x55                               Area   Rocky Mtn Region

Action    Stiller                                                  Stock       Accurate Innovations

Trigger  Timney                                               Barrel     Broughton 5C                #3 Contour

Other      Full Length Aluminum Chassis

Color       Desert & Stainless                             Caliber   6.5 x 47 CPG                                  Area  Montana

Action     Accurized Savage Precision Target    Stock       Stockys Thumbhole LRV

Trigger   Accu-Trigger                                    Barrel     Broughton 5C              #3 Contour

Other      Pillar Bedding

Color      Tan w/ Blk Web & Charcoal            Caliber   6.5x284 CPG                            Area   N Central WY

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                          Stock       H-S Precision

Trigger  Shilen                                               Barrel     Broughton 5C              #3 Contour

Optics    Leupold VX-3   6.5-20x40 AO        Other       Pachmayr Decelerator

Color      Black & Custom Charcoal               Caliber    7MM Rem Mag                        Area   Central WY

Action    Stiller TAC300                                Stock        H-S Precision

Trigger  Timney                                            Barrel      Broughton 5C             #3 Contour

Optics    Huskamaw      5-20x50                   Other       Spiral Fluted Bolt

Color       Granite & Charcoal                          Caliber   7MM Rem Mag                            Area   Eastern SD

Action     Accurized 700 Rem                          Stock       H-S Precision Thumbhole

Trigger   Remington X Mark                          Barrel      Broughton 5C              #3 Contour

Color      Dark Gneiss & Charcoal                 Caliber   6.5x284 CPG                        Area   Rocky Mtn Region

Action     Pierce                                             Stock       H-S Precision

Trigger   Shilen                                             Barrel      Broughton 5C               #3 Contour

Other      Pachmayr Decelerator

Color      Black & Charcoal                          Caliber   6.5x284 CPG                              Area   West Coast

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                           Stock   McMillan                        Hunters Edge

Trigger  Jewell                                               Barrel  Broughton 5C                 3G

Other     Skeletonized Action                           6.4 Lbs w/o Optics

Color      Natural & Titanium                        Caliber    22x47 CPG                                 Area   Northern WY

Action    Accurized Savage 112                   Stock        Savage BV Laminate

Trigger  CanJar Double Set                         Barrel     Broughton 5C                Heavy Varmint

Optics    Leupold FX 12 40AO                    Other      Change Barrel

Color      Black Tiger & Charcoal                   Caliber 22x47CPG  6x47, 6.5x47, 6x284 & 6.5x284

Action    Pierce                                              Stock  H-S Precision Sendero

Trigger  Jewell                                              Barrel Broughton 5C   12 Flute        5.75 Contour  

Optics    Leupold VX-3     6.5-20x40 AO     Other Custom Bolt Shroud, Palm Swell

         Cloud Peak Gunworks R&D Department

Color      Prairie Grass Camo & Graphite        Caliber    7MM Rem Mag                          Area   Texas

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                          Stock        H-S Precision Thumbhole

Trigger  Jewel                                                Barrel     Broughton 5C   12 Flute        5.75 Contour  

Other     Diamond Fluted Bolt

Color     McMillan Grey & Titanium                Caliber 7MM Rem Mag                    Area   Western Nevada

Action   Titanium 700 Rem                             Stock  McMillan Hunters Edge

Trigger  Timney                                            Barrel Broughton 5C            8 Flute 

Optics    Huskamaw    5-20x50                     Other  Spiral Fluted Bolt                          WT    5lbs 14 oz

Color  Black                                      Caliber 7mm Rem               Area   Texas

Action Blue Printed Remington       Stock        Greybull Precision Grey w/ Blk web                               

Trigger Jewell                                        Barrel      Broughton    5.75 Fluted   

Optics Leupold 4.5x14-40 GP   

Color     Tan Blk Web & Charcoal             Caliber  7MM Rem Mag                                Area   Northern WY

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                     Stock       HS Precision                                       #3 Contour

Trigger  Timney                                        Barrel     Broughton 5C                       

Optics    Leupold VX-3 6.5x20-50 SF      Other      Diamond Fluted Bolt          

Color      Black & Graphite Black              Caliber  6.5x284 CPG                             Area   Nevada

Action    Pierce                                         Stock      McMillan Hunters Edge                    

Trigger  Shilen                                        Barrel     Broughton 5C        8 Flute  #3 Contour    

Optics    Leupold VX-3 4.5x14-50         Other       Tactical Bolt handle, Alumina Caps

Color      Brn w/ Blk Web & Charcoal      Caliber 6.5x284 CPG                               Area   Wyoming

Action    Blueprinted 700 Rem                  Stock  H-S Precision

Trigger  Timney                                       Barrel Broughton 5C   3.1 Contour

Optics    Sightron  4.5x14-42 Big SkyII

Color  Black & Tactical Grey                   Caliber 6.5x55                Area   PA

Action Remington                                     Stock        H-S Precision Vertical Grip                                       

Trigger Remington                                  Barrel      Broughton 5C                              5.75 Contour        

Optics N/A                                              Other         Adjustable  L.O.P & Cheek

Color  Charcoal                                Caliber 6.5x284 CPG                      Area   WA

Action Pierce                                    Stock  McMillan A3 Sporter w/ Edge Tech                                 

Trigger Shilen                                  Barrel           Broughton    5.75 Fluted   

Optics Leupold  MK4  8.5x25-50       Other        Hydro Dipped


Color  Olive Drab Green                   Caliber 6.5x 47 CPG                       Area   Nothern Co

Action Pierce Tactical Handle         Stock   McMillan A-5 w/Adjustable Cheek Piece                     

Trigger Shilen                                  Barrel  Broughton    5.75 Contour in 26”

Optics Huskamaw  5-20x50           Other    H.S. Precision Detachable Magazine


Color     Granite & Tactical Gray                      Caliber    7MM Rem Mag                     Area   Nevada

Action    Accurized 700 Rem                           Stock        H-S Precision

Trigger  Shilen                                                Barrel      Broughton 5C             #3 Contour

Optics    Huskamaw      5-20x50                     Other       Fast Pin & LW Shroud

Color    Black / Cork  w Tactical Blk             Caliber     6 x47 CPG                           Area  North Central WY

Action   Pierce                                               Stock        H-S Precision Sendero II                                        

Trigger Jewel                                               Barrel       Brux #5  w/ Straight Fluting      

Optics    N/A                                                Other        Custom Palm Swell       Wt 7lbs 12oz