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Sales & Pricing Information

Cloud Peak Gunworks performs a wide variety of individual gunsmithing and rifle improvement services,
but our specialty is accuracy packages.


       Cloud Peak Gunworks offers 3 main packages; the Basic, Semi-Custom, & the Full Custom. Variations from these packages are quite common and will be subject to individual pricing and delivery restrictions.


Basic Platform This is platform begins with a 700 Remington Action and a Broughton 5C Barrel (application specific).  The package includes chamber, crown, indexing and installation labor. All other items are priced individually and do not include labor.     

Semi-Custom   This rifle is built on a trued Remington 700 Action, (Shilen, Timney, or Rifle Basix) trigger adjusted to a crisp 2.75 lbs, and mated to a Broughton 5C Barrel. The barreled action assembly is fitted to an aluminum chassis HS Precision Stock. Barrel, Action, & Bottom metal are ceramic coated for maximum weather protection and minimum maintenance. Ballistics Profiling is performed after a Leupold VX3 is mounted in (hand lapped) 1 piece Talley Rings. This package is shipped in a plastic gun case.

Full Custom
This Rifle is delivered ready to rock with a Pierce Action, (Shilen, Timney, or Rifle Basix) trigger adjusted to a crisp 2.75 lbs, then mated to a precision ground & pinned recoil lug, & Broughton 5C Barrel. These components are protected with a Ceramic Coating available in your choice of 24 colors, and fitted to an HS Precision Stock. Barrel Break-in, Ballistics Profiling, and Leupold VX3-4.5x14 Scope w/ Cover, Custom engraved Bullet Drop Compensator, Tipton Cleaning Rod, Dewey Jag, Nylon cleaning brushes, bore guide & load data are also included. All items are packaged in a Pelican style Hard Case.


has extensive experience in a variety of calibers and has a definitive list of top performing components; this enables us to offer suggestions or combinations to meet all your shooting needs. When contacting CPG please include the following information; [Desired Caliber, Average Shot Distance, and Average Shooting Environment]. If ordering a complete package, additional information such as Stock type, color, & length of pull will also be required.

CPG is a small custom shop and processes all orders as quickly as possible. That said, keep in mind all barrels are produced in small high quality runs and lead times vary dependent upon caliber and order dates. Chambering dimensions are customized to extract the highest performance from a specific case, load, and bullet ballistic coefficient. Load development and barrel break-in can take as much as 2 weeks alone. Expect 4 - 6 months or more on custom package orders.  CPG has resources for custom loaded ammunition to match your ballistic profile, if you do not perform handloading yourself. Contact CPG for more details.



Cloud Peak Gunworks requires an upfront deposit on all Rifle packages, and certain non-stocking or special order items. The remaining balance will be due at time of delivery. For general (in stock) items entire balance is due at time of order verification.

Shipping will vary with weight and insurance of ordered items.

Acceptable payment methods are Certified Check, PayPal, or Money Order.

Absolutely no orders will be processed until deposit or payment is received. 

The link below contains an order form with pricing and additional services.
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