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 The finest machine work, strongest action, and precision barrel mean nothing if the rifle doesn't fit the shooter and the optics are out of adjustment or under tension. Stock design used to be an item that was previously custom fit only to the shooter. Stocks must be viewed as an integral component in an overall shooting system. Stocks must match the shooters body, the actual shooting task and provide an extremely rigid platform for the action, and do so without ever interfering with the barrel. CPG understands the varying stresses introduced on stocks, be it the environment or the lateral & rotational torque induced during discharge.                                                

Stock Work

  • Bedding (pillar, glass, aluminum)
  • Free Floating 
  • Custom Palm Swells
  • Inletting 
  • Many Brands & Models available   
  • Length Adjustments
  • Recoil Pad Installation
  • Custom Painting (single & multicolor) 
  • Extreme Service Coatings (color matched to barrel & action)
  • Installation

Optics   Leupold - Night Force - Sightron - Talley - Huskemaw- Swarovski

One of the Services that CPG performs is Ballistic Profiling. Once a Ballistic profile for your specific rifle is established, CPG can machine a Bullet Drop Compensator for most scopes.. This BDC will enable exact "zeroing" at your specified yardages.

  • Machining of Rings (allows 20 M.O.A. elevation) 
  • BDC's customized to your data (no CPG ballistic profile) 
  • Custom BDC development & Zero Stops on Individual Case Basis

  • Anti-Cant Devices
  • Bore Sighting available 
  • Talley 1pc rings (lots of others upon request)  
  • Custom coatings to match barrel & action

Special package discounts available

For short shots, normal "holdover" reticles may suffice. But for targeting beyond 400 yds, serious shooters know that the only solution is a ballistic profiled Bullet Drop Compensator.
CPG manufactures and installs Zero Stop Rings & Bullet Drop Compensators