Cloud Peak Gunworks 

Extreme Accuracy /  Extreme Ranges

I started working with Trevor two years ago, I had heard he was a good gunsmith, from the barrel maker. Trevor is just now finishing my third rifle and has also done some custom gunsmithing on another rifle of mine. The work that he does is second to none, everything is clean and exact. What more could you ask? Well that's not all you get, Trevor has worked with me on load info for the rifles as well as helping me to learn what is needed to know to make that once in a lifetime shot. On top of all this he does all of this for what I would call a great price. In this day and age when everybody seems to be all about fast and cheap, I appreciate that there are still some real craftsman in the world, and we are lucky enough to have Cloud Peak to do this work for us so we don't have to worry about all the details. I recommend Cloud Peak Gunworks to anyone who truly wants an awesome job.

Sincerely,   Con Natter

Until this year I had considered my heavy barrel .22-250 varmint rifle a long range shooter (400-500 yards), and standard caliber hunting rifles limited to ethical shots of 300 yards or less. I now own a CPG 6.5 x 284 that drops 2.245" - 3.2" groups at 800 with ease while delivering double the knock down energy of common hunting calibers. Cloud Peak Gunworks has set the benchmark of what a custom hunting rifle is. There is nothing that compares to the craftsmanship and dedication that Trevor puts into each and every Long Range Shooting System.

Thanks Trevor,

            Rod Collingwood  

Seventeen one-shot African Game kills ranging from Gemsbok to Cape Buffalo says all there is to say about the performance and consistent accuracy of my Cloud Peak Gunworks rifle. Doesn’t matter if you are hunting in Alaska or Tanzania there is but one choice.

Jim “JJ” McBride

Here is a 3 shot group at 300 yards measuring 0.75" (1/4 MOA) from the 6.5x284 you made. I taped a penny on the target to show the size. I shot the same size group at 200, shot this at 300, adjusted down, shot 1 round which was in the center of the bulls eye at 300 and packed up and left the range.

The thing that upsets me is that I now know that none of the other rifles in my safe are as accurate.
I liked a lot of those rifles until today.

Sincerely, Hank Wright
As a Outfitter and Sheep Guide in BC, NWT, Yukon, and Mexico, I need the best equipment going.  In my opinion Cloud Peak Gunworks are building the best system going.  Trevor builds a system that will make an average shooter shoot like a pro. Since getting a Gunworks rifle, I haven't missed a shot out to 900 Yards and have taken 3 Boone & Crockett animals with mine. I recommend Trevor’s guns to all my clients and friends. If you are planning to go on a hunt of a life time and want the best advantage to take a trophy animal, I’d suggest going with a Cloud Peak Gunworks shooting system, you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed! 
Dustin Roe
Backcountry BC and Beyond!

I have had a lot of custom rifles built over the years and have experienced my share of disappointments with gunsmiths.  I have seen everything from a gunsmith charging me for a premium barrel and actually installing a no name garage sale tomato stake to a rifle that simply wouldn't shoot.  That all changed when Cloud Peak Gunworks built my first rifle.  I have the pleasure of owning the second rifle Trevor has ever built for money (my dad happens to own the first). 1400 rounds later it still shoots phenomenal. Trevor is meticulous in every aspect of the job and he takes pride in his work. Trevor refuses to use sub-par components and his attention to detail is amazing. His rifles look great and damn do they shoot. Trevor will probably not guarantee you a 1/2 Moa rifle but I have had eight rifles built and all of them have been 1/2 Moa guns.  So I think it's pretty fair to say with minimal load development yours too will be a 1/2 Moa gun.  Probably the best aspect about Cloud Peak Gunworks is their service. I know that Trevor will stand behind everything that leaves his shop, if in the rare instance there is something not right Trevor will make sure it is corrected to the customers satisfaction. If you have to have the best equipment available for the hunt of a lifetime look no further, Cloud Peak Gunworks is simply the best.  I am 110% confident that your first rifle will not be your last.

        Loren Nielsen

We picked up our CPG rifle shortly before hunting season & didn't have time to get a target turret, so Trevor helped out with a ballistics chart for counting clicks.  Trevor was very helpful on the break-in procedure and suggested a load for our 6.5-284 that proved to be very accurate and deadly. After our 10 shot break-in, we shot a 3-shot ragged hole. After several long-range target practice sessions, we were ready to hunt. We shared the rifle this season and ended up dropping 3 bucks in their tracks at 251, 400, and 754 yards. We both feel very comfortable and confident shooting with the Cloud Peak Gunworks system. Trevor has been a pleasure to do business with and is extremely knowledgeable. Without our CPG rifle, we would not have been successful this season.


Sincerely,      Vance & TJ VanderPloeg